Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My First Blog

Hello World,
This is my first venture into the "Blogosphere". I hope to provide some interesting posts of wargaming and painting figures.

At the moment I have been painting a Saxon Army of 1809 for one of the members of The Nunnawading Wargamers Association in Melbourne. (Croydon and Mitcham to be precise).

 Prinz Albrecht Light Cavalry

 Saxon Hussars, based and in their first battle
 Saxon Schutzen (Light Infantry) Each Regiment provided 2 companies of light infantry. These troops kept thier parent Regiment's uniform, hence the different coloured collars, lapels, cuffs and turnbacks
Saxon Infantry marching into battle

That's it for my first post. Once I have mastered a few more things I will post some more.
Bye for now


  1. Yay! Welcome to the blogosphere, Duke!

  2. Welcome to you Duke...beautiful minis!

  3. Thank you Gentlemen, that means a lot. Once I have worked out how this works, I might have a blog as good as yours.

  4. Nice looking figures and welcome the the mad world of Blogland!!!

  5. hello,
    really nice this Saxon army, congratulations!
    The figurines of what brand are they?