Thursday, 16 October 2014

My Second Blog

Okay, so my headings aren't very clever.....I do promise that they will get better.

Well I was rumbled by Monsieur le Rosbif & Johnny Frog a bit earlier than I was expecting, so I have decided to do more.

Taminick 2014

This is an extension to my miniature hobby - Re-enacting.
I joined the 21eme Regiment of the Grand Armee of Napoleon last year. Taminick 2013 was my first foray into the hobby.
Taminick is a small town just north of Benalla, about 2 hours (depending on where you live) drive from Melbourne. It is at the base of the Warby Ranges, where the North East Muzzle Loaders inc. have done a lot of work making a fantastic camping area and shooting range.

During the weekend there was a Morning Parade (with the raising of the Australian Flag), "Marshaled" shooting (Black Powder muskets and rifles) competitions and drill competitions.
We had a few people who don't own muskets (like me) and haven't drilled before, so we didn't enter the drill competition but we practised for about an hour and a half.
All our commands are in French, so we not only have to learn the drill, we also had to learn the French words for them.
Jim, our "Sergent", is an excellent drill master as he explains every command, breaking it down to each step. The French drill was very basic as the raw recruit spent 2 weeks at a basic training camp and had to then learn all of the intricacies whilst "On the March"

A couple of members of D Troop of the 15 Hussars brought their artillery piece and after enlisting the service of 3 of their members, (that are also members of other units) transformed into the Royal Horse Artillery attached to the 15th Hussars.

 Below are some pics from the weekend.

The Sutler's Store Tent where Tony sells some great Napoleonic goods.....for both sides

Noel had made a great fort for his American Revolution unit

Where else could you see (in Australia) an Officer of the 73rd Foot, a Private of the 42nd Black Watch a couple of "Camp Followers" and a Sous-Lieutenant of the Mighty 21eme?

The "Grasshoppers" or the 95th Rifles shooting at some targets

This is a great video showing an artillery piece firing

Until my next update, take care.


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