Friday, 20 February 2015

The Battle of Waterloo 2015

Drouin Battle Report Part 1

Apologies for taking so long with this report. I could bore you with the details, but I won't.

Anyway, my oh my, what a spectacle this game was. Tim B hosted his usual January Game, this was his eighth or ninth year and the third time for Waterloo. He has done an amazing job setting up the battlefield, with some help from some of the Napoleonic faithful, from the photos you will see how much work has been put into it.
Tim also supplied and painted all but a few Prussian units, an amazing effort.

The first few shots are of the initial deployments before we started the game.

La Haye Sainte (or La Haie Sainte, depending on who you believe) with some barricades along the road


Some shots of the French Cavalry

The British on the ridge awaiting what Boney had in mind




K.G.L. Line Infantry


A view from where the Prussians would arrive

The French deployment for the assault on Hougomont

And so we begin. 
Robin begins by manoeuvering his troops to the left of Hougomont

Andrew B. begins his assault in the centre

Some skirmishers around Hougomont

The French ready to assault the British, who have been taken away from the right side of the ridge.

A few more shots of the battlefield

Andrew B and Andrew S set up a Grande Battery in the centre

The attack behind Hougomont continues

The French side of the battlefield

The British centre

The British left

The French send cavalry to their right

My K.G.L. Light make their way back into La Haye Sainte after the two Andrew's Grande Battery knocked them out of the building

I sent some K.G.L. Line for back up

My artillery lost a battery (hence the red die) early. As I didn't have a lot, I had to move them over the top of the ridge

I lost another gun

and another

I did get one back though

I sent more K.G.L. Line to help defend La Haye Sainte

But it was all in vain as Andrew S captured the building

And the Light survivors had to run away

The French were advancing slowly in front of me with a mixture of artillery, infantry and some dreaded cavalry. I had to form some squares next to the artillery for them to run into, in case I was charged.

Darren, who was directly opposite me, set up his own Grande Battery.

and set up his cavalry

Some more pics from around the table

Meanwhile, on our left, some French Cuirassiers, of John W, charged some artillery, who ran away. They continued into Ben's Cavalry. A roll of 6 for John W and a roll of 1 for Ben sealed Ben's Cavalry's fate, and they ran away (with not many left)

This ends my first part of the report. I promise to not wait so long between posts.
Have fun until then. 

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  1. Huzzah! Good to see a report of the same game from a different perspective!

    Geez, I think I'll have to invest in a decent camera; I love the clarity of your piccies!