Saturday, 28 February 2015

Avalon Airshow 2015

I thought I might just pop this post in before my next installment of Waterloo.

I went to the Avalon Airshow, near Geelong Victoria, on Friday. I have been wanting to go for years but have always had something to do on the same weekend. I painted some Austrians for a re-enacting friend Tony and he made a chest for me. We agreed to meet up at the Airshow to swap.

I also saw that there was going to be a couple of Fokker Dr1 planes there from New Zealand. I have always wanted to see one, so that was it, I was going.

There was also some re-enacting going on. Here are a few pics and a little movie of a Spitfire, another favourite. I fell in love with the Spitfire when I was about 8 years old, when I went in the School library during at wet day, and saw a book on The Battle of Britain.

Enjoy the pics

The Australian Great War Association (I think) re-enacting a battle at 
Gallipoli against the Turks and 1 German

Before the Battle

My friend Rod, preparing for battle

The Turks begin their assault

The Geelong re-enactors showing some WW2 action

A working Stug III

Bren Gun Carrier

A working Half Track

WW1 planes 

From the beginning of aviation to the present

Some of the crowd, not bad for a Friday

Me, proving that I was there

Actually I am here

Have they crashed?????  No, just some explosions

My friend Tony, as a Commando from the tropics
Don't worry, the Bren is a replica

Some WW2 fighters, Mustang, Boomerang, Kittyhawk and Spitfire

The tell-tale silhouette of the lovely Spitfire

The Boomerang, Kittyhawk and Spitfire

The next installment of Waterloo will be in the next couple of days
Have fun,

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