Saturday, 4 April 2015

Waterloo Part 2

The second installment of the "Big Battle" in January begins with a pic of some of the local wildlife that Tim feeds every day. There is a family of these lovely birds, Tim can hand feed the Dad, but the others are a bit "flighty". These parrots are wild and Tim has let them do their own thing.

Back to the game.......
The French have really set themselves up for a massive "All or Nothing" assault on the Allied ridge before the Prussians can get a foothold against them.

Two Grand Batteries have set the tone for two separate assaults, either side of La Haye Sainte.
The Allied Regiments need some courage, steadfastness and a "Cunning Plan" to hold them off until the Prussians arrive.......but have they done enough or will the French break through and break the back of the Allied ridge?

Tim's friend

The Allied Regiments waiting for Darren's attack

My Artillery, minus a few, cowering...I mean sensibly re-deployed behind the ridge

Darren used his cavalry very well as a huge threat, just behind his Artillery. I couldn't poke my head over the ridge without provoking am unstoppable cavalry charge.

Polish Lancers......yikes

Andrew B and Andrew S assault Tim. The French have to negotiate some sunken lanes, which will add disorders to them. Too many disorders might affect their ability to continue a charge

Tim's Hanoverians prepare to receive some French Battalions 

The Prussians have arrived

Is that Blucher? 

The French begin to shore up their defences to hold the Prussians on their right

Meanwhile Darren creeps further forward with his Artillery.....I am shaking in my boots.

The two Andrews begin their assault

and push Tim back from the ridge

The French push hard on the left

The Prussians are beginning to arrive in numbers now

Darren has his cavalry in full support of his infantry

The Old Guard moves forward

More "Old Grumblers"

The Red Lancers (2nd "Dutch" Lancers)

The next few pics are from the end of Friday Night

Darren kept creeping, creeping

Andrew S has spread his troops, some made it to my neck of the woods

But I was more worried about Darren and his artillery

The French are trying to hold the Prussian advance, but it is very difficult.

The Prussians break out and start to move to their left, on the French right flank

The Prussian cavalry move through the forest

Meanwhile, the two Andrews want to make Tim break in the middle

My KGL form a 4 deep line to fill the gap between the artillery

Darren is getting ready now, and I am dreading it

Tim received some assistance from the British Guard

This is where I will leave Part 2 or this post will be so long that you would be asleep by the end of it. I promise to post Part 3 much quicker. 

Have fun until next time

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