Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Complete and Utter Defeat of the French

Actually I only put that heading up because Monsieur Le Rosbif didn't put it up first.

A few weeks ago we had a re-match of "The Battle of the Blogs"
This time I was the British and Monsieur Le Rosbif (MLR from here on) was the French.

We made up a board with a river half way along, with one bridge and a couple of Built Up Areas. We also had a crop and a ploughed field.

As an interesting twist, we added playing cards, upside down, along the river. Among the cards were two "Red Suit" cards, the rest were "Black Suit". The Red Cards denoted a for in the river.
As we had both arrived at the battlefield simultaneously, and at the same time, both of us had no idea where the fords were. To find out what colour the card is, a figure or figures, stayed next to the card for 3 functions (that players phase of the Turn). They then turn the card, so that only they can see the card colour and the card is replaced. If it is red, it won't be turned over until a player starts to cross the river.

MLR, being the French, started the advance. He began by sending out his light cavalry to find the fords. He then began forming some of his troops to the right (as I am looking) of the bridge. As he was moving, I took a few shots at him and managed to knock a few off.

Amazingly, even though the cards were shuffled, both the fords were on the right of the bridge, from my position.
I positioned my strongest troops to the right, to combat MLR's forces.
It was a very close battle, with both of us looking like taking control, only to have the other one making an adjustment and negating any chance of taking the upper hand.
At the end, if we had a few more turns, I may have been able to hold the area with MLR unable to make any inroads which would force me back.

Monsieur Le Rosbif's troops starting positions

The British troops. I was using the late Pete Edmanson's troops

The Bridge, MLR is taking a pic for his blog

I had my Heavy cavalry protect the way over the bridge from the marauding French

Here are the cards under the river

More cards

My troops on the right flank, near a crop

I dared the French to cross the bridge

I positioned some troops on my left flank, in case a ford was there

MLR found a ford with his light cavalry

He formed them into line to threaten my right flank

My "Taunting Highlanders" formed square and invited them to charge
(The figure, second from left has been pixellated, as this is a family blog)

MLR found another ford and started bringing his troops across

It cost one disorder to cross the ford

The French pull some troops from the bridge

The Dragoons exposed a flank

It was too juicy, so I had a shot

Those nasty French shot one one of my Horse Artillery guns

I managed to get one back though

The French are starting to pour across now

And take a vacant house

MLR was doing some taunting of his own, by sending a battalion over the bridge

The French formed a line, locked onto the house

The infantry are screening the Dragoons

My heavy cavalry and the French light cavalry do battle

I had a Smashing Victory, but did terribly with the "Blood Dice" so let him get away with minimal casualties

My line firing at a flank

MLR rolled very high on his Morale Check

And had to run away

Meanwhile I couldn't take the taunting anymore and charged his line with my column

A valuable lesson learned, don't listen to the taunting and charge with a British column

So I blasted them 

They pulled back

The Light Cavalry didn't survive their next morale check

10 is just a bit high

More British troops move through the crops

My Heavy Cavalry threaten the Dragoons, which have moved into echelon.
I attempt to Opportunity Charge him while moving

I only needed a 7, as they are only 7 inches away........oh no, missed it by one.....typical

Oh well, I only had to wait until my Active Phase

And like magic, they disappeared.

They had to run away over the river

Those nasty Frenchies shot me in the flank

Morale Check of.....oh dear.....that is a tad high

Run away

I think I will return the favour

I think that I have this flank pretty well covered

Come to the party Frenchies, I dare you

Some more light Cavalry threaten to cross the bridge

I send my "Taunting Highlanders" to firefight the French

A panorama of the battle from my left flank

Unfortunately the Light Cavalry don't accept my invitation to come across the bridge

Even after I organize a welcome party

The French don't accept the invitation in the middle either

I am still there to firefight

This is where we ran out of time. This was a very enjoyable game, with the uncertainty of where the fords were. I look forward to the next "Battle of the Blogs" with Monsieur Le Rosbif

Until next time,
Have fun,



  1. Curses! You exposed my failures which I had judiciously avoided mentioning in my "Authentic" version. However, I must protest at the gross untruth in the blogpost title: It was actually a stunning victory on behalf! XD

  2. He he he he, I was amazed you didn't put that as your title. Maybe next time....he he he