Sunday, 13 December 2015

Waterloo 2015

Part 3

Here are some pics that I took on the 19th of June, the day of the first re-enactment. The day started with the funniest sight, a French Voltigeur at the train station. He came over and asked if we were going to Waterloo, we said yes and he was very relieved and said he would follow us. He was an elderly re-enactor from Argentina and was a bit too old to camp. He met up with a British Infantrymen, as we were waiting for the train, and they sat next to each other on the train all the way to Waterloo.

There are a lot of close up photos of British uniforms. The re-enactors were only too pleased to let you take lots of photos of them.

 The amazing mural in the Waterloo museum showing the cavalry charge during the battle

We decided to climb "The Mound"

My friend John took his "Waterloo Companion" book with him and here he is showing an interested onlooker what we were looking at from the top of the mound

Some of the Australian re-enactors

My friend Pete and his 2 sons

The Prussians held a mass. They were all in formations, but no muskets.

The guy on the right has a few issues with his uniform....

42nd Highland Regt. Grenadier's kilt

Just some of the tents in the Allied Camp.

Next time there will be lots of pics of the re-enactment.

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